About Us

Being a wife and the mother of 2 young college boys, I have enjoyed nothing more than creating delicious meals for my family. Based in Massachusetts, my journey with cooking started way back in 1996 when I had volunteered to help with cooking at a community event and a friend said to me "You know Mubi (that's what my dear ones call me), I feel so sad for the people who are missing your food! If I had to say a prayer right now I'd say, 'Oh Lord, please let everyone in the world taste such delicious food at least once in their life'!" --- And that's when it struck me!

If my cooking can spark such emotions, why only cook at home or during community events?          Thus I founded Mubi's Munchies! 

We all know that the most important thing about any event is FOOD! You get it right, you receive the most compliments, you get it wrong and all your hard work and planning goes down the drain! So whether it is an event or you're away from home and in need of comfort food, Mubi's Munchies will take care of you... just like your mother would! :) 

Mubis Munchies. Homemade Food With A Mother's Touch 
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